Man’s relationship with female form

290 224 – Number of women who surgically added a letter or three to their cup size in 2013

88% of men who say “enhancement” can be too much of a good thing

34E – Average American woman’s size

57% of men who say the most mysterious part of a woman’s body is her brain

1 in 5 – Number who think the real mystery is why she’s always freezing cold

Scarlett Johansson – A-list body that most often stars in the average guy’s X-rated dreams

$15 000 – Average amount a woman will plunk down on makeup in her lifetime

14% of men who say they have no idea when she’s wearing the stuff anyway

44% of men who prefer a woman to be totally bare down there

Kim Kardashian – Woman whose butt most closely resembles an actual caboose

1 in 4 – Number of men who consider a pixie haircut a dealbreaker

1 in 3 – Number who worry more about holding on to what’s left of their own head of hair

37%  who’d say “no way” to having their package waxed – even if she ask nicely

Margot Robbie – female nude scene (at 58:24) guys say was most worth the $12

31% of men who’d press “eject” on the relationship if their partner packed on too many pounds

83% of men who’d willingly go full-frontal on film for a Hollywood-size paycheck, that is

40% who’d be majorly pissed if they were dumped for straining the scale

43% of men who wouldn’t bat an eye if their mate let one rip

28% who’d rather not believe she had it in her

Half – number of men who think a tattoo equals pemanent hotness

Multiple orgasms – The one perk of being a woman that inspires the most jealousy in men

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