Art by Niko Metsälä


Niko Metsälä is an young artist from Finland. He is 27 years old, he graduated in 2010, Bachelor of Design: Graphic design.

He likes tattoos, candy, video games, skateboarding, golf, anime, painting and drawing.

johnny depp, jack sparrow, art

His favourite visual artist is Don Rosa (an American comic book writer and illustrator known for his stories about Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck and other Disney characters).

He also is watching a lot of movies and TV shows, like: Futurama, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, One Piece, Space Dandy, etc. He also loves to play video games and the best way to do this is on PS3, in his view.

He is paintig by pencil, but also in photoshop and wacom.


His other interests are skating, golf and any other types of art.

khaleesi, game of thrones, daenaris

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