Into the Woods

Forest recreation

Man needs the forest. It responds to a number of our needs, including recreation. Outdoor activities are important throughout the year. There are lots of interesting things to do in the forest, whoever you are: hiking, photography, collecting cones, listening to birds, climbing trees, and camping. Who doesn’t like going to the sugarhouse in the spring? Think of how all the hunters, anglers, and skiers would feel if there were no forests. What do you like to do in the forest?

The forest’s appearance changes quite a bit through the seasons. Sometimes tree flowers, fruit, or colors attract us to the woods. Forests also serve as shelter and food for a variety of animals. If you scrape rotten wood or dig around in the soil, you’ll discover many living organisms.

The forest must be protected against its three main enemies: fire, insects, and disease. We need your help. If you ever see anything strange in the woods, don’t hesitate to tell your teacher.

source: theforestacademy.com

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