Vibrant and Colourful by Françoise Nielly


Françoise Nielly is a French knife-painter who is famous for painting vibrant and colourful closeup portraits of people such as Barack Obama. She was born in Marseille, brought up near Cannes and Saint-Tropez and is now living in Paris.

Françoise Niellys artwork is typically vibrant, and detailed. A lot of her work is inspired by urban life. Françoise uses knives to paint her artwork as she seems to prefer the thick, clean brushstrokes created by them. Painting portraits is her specialty. As a child, she was taught by her father that there was “no room for mistakes”, and this has potentially influenced the intricacy of her artwork. She layers her paintings with bright and contrasting colour. She was represented in many exhibitions and art fairs in Europe (Spain, France, UK) and America (US, Canada).

Before becoming a painter, Nielly worked in advertising. Eleven years ago she decided that the pressure of this job was too much for her and a change of career was necessary for self-preservation. Her paintings are expressive and exhibit a brute force with fascinating vital energy. She uses oils and a knife combine to sculpt her images. Whether she paints the human body or portraits, she always means to take risks. Nielly lives and paints in Paris near Montmartre. Her work has been exhibited and sold in Europe and America.

Françoise Nielly’s painting is expressive, exhibiting a brute force, a fascinating vital energy. Oil and knife combine sculpt her images from a material that is , at the same time, biting and incisive, carnal and sensual. Whether she paints the human body or portraits, the artist takes a risk : her painting is sexual, her colors free, exuberant, surprising, even explosive, the cut of her knife incisive, her color pallet dazzling.

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