The Most Amazing Dancers On “Got Talent” Show Around The World

Some of these dancers are hot, some are simply strange and some look like aliens, but they can left you with open mouth, for sure.

Check those videos:

Yeva Shiyanova – Flour Dance (Romania’s Got Talent)

Yeva is one of those girls whose even other girls can’t resist. Her dance in flour on “Imagine Dragons” music is  unforgettable.

Razy Gogonea Matrix Dance (Britain’s Got Talent) 

This guy, Razy Gogonea, is a NEO in real life, even Keanu Reeves will be jealous. Action starts at 1:30. Enjoy!

Kenichi Ebina Performs an Epic Matrix- Style Martial Arts Dance (America’s Got Talent) 

Another epic Matrix Style dancer, Kenichi Ebina rocks the stage. Action starts at 1:35. Enjoy!

Anastasia Sokolova Amazing Pole Dancing (Ukraine’s Got Talent)

When she walked on stage in these “clothes”, everybody rolls their eyes, but she starts her dance and showed them her talent. Action starts at 3:00. Enjoy!


Incredibly Talented Dancers “Duo Flame” (Ukraine’s Got Talent)

This duo is epic, their dance on Lara Fabian – Je t’aime is so sensual and so powerful. There are no words to describe this, just watch. Action starts at 1:05. Enjoy!

source: youtube.com

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