Wolfdog Loki On Epic Adventures

This guy, Kelly Lund take his dog everywhere he goes and this is why:

I take my wolfdog on epic adventures because I hate to see dogs locked away.

I’m often surprised by how much joy animals can bring into our lives. Even more, the joy that comes from healthy relationships with them is really amazing. It seems hard to describe so I typically don’t try.

Loki’s Instagram is really the product of that hard-to-describe emotion. Additionally, I believe dogs aren’t meant to live out their lives in a backyard or inside a house. I hate to see that. I hope we are inspiring people to get out, explore our world, and make memories with their pups.

See photos of this luckiest and happiest wolfdog in the world and the places he visited.

Meet Loki, a 2-year-old wolfdog from Denver.

Lund, an outdoor adventure professional, says he is “a firm believer in the intrinsic value of adventures and challenging yourself.”

Loki the Wolfdog is part malamute, part husky, part arctic wolf, and all awesome! He has his own website, Instagram and Facebook account, and he’s really adorable. This big and fluffy canine goes on adventures in the great outdoors. He’s extremely photogenic, too, posing in front of waterfalls, brooks, woods, and mountains better than you ever could.

Loki’s paws aren’t deft enough to use social media, so that part is handled by his owner, Kelly Lund.

Watch happiness!

source: boredpanda  / demilked

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