Fantasy Wire Fairies Sculptures

Inspired by an inexplicable real life encounter, these galvanised or stainless wire sculptures make the perfect statement piece for the bottom of any garden.

Every fairy is a handmade sculpture uniquely crafted to your desired pose and installation requirements.

In 1920 two little girls photographed fairies at the bottom of their garden and created a news sensation. As we know, the photographs were fake, but the story captured the imagination of people who wanted to believe.

A couple of years ago, while trying out my new camera, I took the picture (right) in the woods at the bottom of my garden. It was only later when looking at the results that I spotted the figure in the tree (above). Its obviously a trick of the light coming through the trees. What else could it be?

Whatever it is, it captured my imagination and inspired me to use the idea in my sculpture.

Robin Wight – Sculptor


This fairy is now part of the Fairies at Trentham Gardens trail. Galvanised wire. Shes actually supported by a single rod protruding from her hand, so she only needs to appear to touch the surface.


Wishes is the latest addition to Trentham’s popular Fairy Trail around the gardens: Seen holding a dandelion clock, it marks the passing of time and is also a timely reminder of The Trentham Estate’s 10th birthday


Fairy being blown along by the wind while holding on to a dandelion clock. 3 Foot tall (height if it were standing as a person). Stainless Steel. Can be mounted on a bearing and act as a large weather vane


There is a rod protruding from the ball of her foot which can stick in the ground or can be fastened to a fence post or similar.


Fairy sitting on a swing with her hair blowing in the wind. Galvanised wire. Needs a suitable tree or similar. 3 Foot 6 inch tall.

For more Fairy Sculptures and  for orders, visit Robin Wight’s website fantasywire.co.uk of facebook.

source: fantasywire.co.uk

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