Crazy Texts From Your EX

Why Texts From Your Ex Is a Thing

If you’re not one of Text From Your Ex’s 1.5 million followers already, here’s what you need to know: Elan Gale’s brainchild is an Instagram account with pages and pages of awkwardness captured in screenshots. They’re submitted by email, and, as he told producer Jen Poyant on this week’s show, he has a backlog of 40,000 “just sitting around.”

Turns out, reading through hundreds of thousands of other people’s emotionally loaded conversations gives you some pretty profound insight into relationships, technology, and privacy (or rather… the utter lack thereof).

“You’ve never had an interesting text conversation that hasn’t been sent to ten people. That’s just what people do,” Gale says. “Even though we treat relationships more casually because of text messages and the way we communicate, you have to actually trust people more to be open and honest with them because you have your entire personal life on their phone, or their watch, or their unguarded computer. And they’re irresponsible dicks… and at any moment anyone could just have a lapse of judgement for 45 seconds and leave their phone on a table without a passcode and your entire life is visible. So why pretend that it’s not?”

See some examples bellow

This is love through decades


Nice try, though


No comment

3 minutes?

Start and End

Taco Bell worth a try

No emotions

Stay on you positions


You can read all of them on instagram.

source: wnyc / instagram


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