Benny The Bull – Chicago Bulls Beloved Mascot

This Chicago Bulls Mascot is killing it!

If you have a bad  day, don’t worry, in 3 minutes you’ll be in your best mood! Thank to Benny The Bull!

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Benny The Bull Compilation 2014-2015

Benny The Bull Compilation 2013-2014

Benny The Bull Compilation 2012-2013

Benny the Bull, commonly known as Benny, is the mascot of the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association, a role he has filled since 1969.

For more than 45 years, Benny the Bull had entertained Chicago Bulls fans, first at Chicago Stadium(1969–1994), and now at the United Center (1994–present). He had become just as popular as some of the franchise’s most notable figures, such as players Michael Jordan,Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, and head coach Phil Jackson. Benny is one of the longest-tenured mascots in the NBA and in all of professional sports. Benny was named after Ben Bentley, the Bulls first Public Relations Manager and Stadium Announcer.

In 2004, the current version of Benny The Bull was introduced. He has been acclaimed as one of the most popular mascots of all time, including being named the most popular mascot in sports by Forbes in 2013

The modern version of Benny is famous for his impressive dancing, aerobic flips and jumps, multiple dunking tricks, giant popcorn spilling, rappelling from the United Center rafters, shooting backwards halfcourt shots, banging on his drum, using multiple cans of silly string, interacting with crowds, instances of taunting opposing players (most notably his act of tearing off the pants of others’ pre-game warm up outfits), driving his bike down stairs, throwing cakes, shooting t-shirts out of his “Bullzooka”, and more. He usually performs trampoline dunks alongside his team “Benny and the Elevators”. His current “family” consists of two inflatable mascots named “Big Ben” and “Benji”. (Benji has a similar appearance to “Lil’ Benny”, who used to appear alongside Benny on the court and in videos. Lil’ Benny’s overall design was based on the 1990s Benny) Benny’s antics have gotten him worldwide attention and recognition. He’s also been seen alongside multiple celebrities, from messing with Justin Bieber or performing the “Single Ladies” dance in front of Jay-Z. In addition to performing stunts and entertaining the crowd at Bulls games, Benny also makes public appearances throughout the greater Chicago area on behalf of the team. Benny made approximately 250 appearances per year. As a member of the Bulls’ All-Star Reading Team, he appeared at schools to promote literacy and the importance of a good education. He could also be booked for private events. Benny had also worked as a mascot on individual dates for other professional sports franchises, such as the Billings Outlaws. He usually travels around in his van, ‘Benny’s Bull Ride™’ and is almost always with his assistant, Todd Abbott.

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source: youtube / wikipedia

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