The Most Magnificent Table Designs

How often do you use your dinner table? Likely everyday, and probably for more than just eating. We work at tables, do arts and crafts, enjoy a good cup of coffee, and even store things on tables. Tables also serve as a great design focal point in any room.

While most tables are simple wooden configurations, these 18 tables are anything but! If you aren’t tempted to buy a new table now, you might be after checking out these incredible table designs.

Wood Log Table 

The perfect table for a big room full of wine barrels! This table brings back to life the tree that was cut down to create it.

Invisible Table 

The ghost of all table designs…

Table For Chocolate Lovers

If you like chocolate more than you like nature, perhaps this table oozing chocolate will serve as the perfect accessory in your home… it would sure make me hungry all of the time.

Leaf Table 

This table highlights the beauty of the foliage that grows from trees. I especially like the gold-tinted detailing of the leaf veins, along with the perfectly carved edges.

Accent Table Made Of Petrified Wood 

You may not be able to eat your entire dinner on this little table, but it will sure make a nice accent piece that looks 100% natural, and beautifully so!

Table With Bubbles 

The bubbles never pop on this amazing table!

Teal Blue Abyss Table 

A deep oasis to jump into, or a beautiful table? This design doubles as both.

Citrine Table 

If you are into gemstones, these citrine tables make the perfect indoor or outdoor addition to your home.

Take Me To The Lake Table 

A REAL “Picnic” Table 

The picnic comes to you everyday and night if you have a table coated in a layer of grass. I just hope you don’t find any ants in your grass!

Table Made From Recycled Jet Engine 

Save the trees! Skip the wood all together with this awesome table design. This table is made from a recycled jet engine, for all of you plane fanatics out there!

Amethyst Table 

Not only is the base on this table incredibly unique and detailed, but the giant amethyst at the center is enough to make your heart skip a beat!

Wood Tables With Aluminum Accents 

The way the wood is cut for these tables allows the logs’ special markings to remain intact, offering a really natural look. The wood flows into specially cut metal for a rustic appeal any cabin would appreciate.

Glass River Tables 

These tables are created by Greg Klassen, each one is made to look like a river runs through them. The glass is added on top to make sure the table remains completely functional and aesthetically perfect.

A Table That Sparkles 

Bring the party to life in your living room with this wild, glittering table reminiscent of a disco ball.

Glass Coated Branches And Tree Stubs 

Instead of carving wood into traditional table shapes, this table design allows the wood to remain in its natural condition, encasing the branches and logs in glass to keep them functional and durable.

Swing Set Table 

Swing life away on this table that doubles as a fun play toy. If you have kids you will never be able to get them off of the dinner table!

source: earthporm

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