Tips For A Hot Fit Tummy

This is one of the greatest areas of concern for so many women – especially moms. The way you perceive your tummy to appear affects your very being….from what you cannot wear to how you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror.

One of the biggest reasons why you struggle to get a tighter tummy is…. misinformation.

From TV commercials to covers of your favorite fitness magazine – and now even headlines for your favorite fitness websites! With catchy titles like the one I used above – all to catch your attention and leads you to believe there is a short cut, a quick fix that will magically melt the mommy belly resulting in toned, tight abs.

Out of desperation for results you end up taking ideas from a variety of sources and attempt to piece together into a tighter tummy plan.  It’s no wonder you feel so stuck! A mismatched plan will only lead to little to no lasting results.

Then you find yourself saying….“I tried everything and nothing works” and worse…believing it!

I’d like to help you end this frustrating cycle by sharing the truth – and most importantly – making sure you know that…you have NOT tried everything – there is an approach that works, you just have not had the right components in place – and likely not made the commitment FOR it to work.

The photo you see above is one that shows my mommy tummy 8 months post babyand if you do some browsing you will find it was a process of steps to even GET to this point. No it did not come quickly nor easily for me – it took hard work and a commitment to the strategies that work.

Let’s take a look at the truth to tighter tummy results – what it really takes to lose the mommy belly fat.

3 Tips For A Tighter Tummy

1. Set a Realistic Goal

Yes, anything you want to achieve requires that you set a  goal – a realistic goal. In an effort to lose  belly fat and get a tight tummy it is even more essential to find out what is realistic for you. Many articles and commercials tempt you with the “too good to be true” slim, shape, and sculpt plans. But think it out for a minute….can you really melt down the mum tum to be bikini ready in just 2 weeks?

Sure it depends on where you are right now with your fat loss goals but more so about what you have been doing, what you are willing to do and what you consider to be a successful goal. Of course we ALL begin a fitness plan with the hopes of super fast results.

What we fail to factor in is the time we have spent getting the body we now inhabit. Years of overeating, under-eating, over-exercising, not exercising one bit cannot be undone in a matter of days or weeks – no matter how much willpower you apply.

So your first step in the 3 tips for a tighter tummy is to be realistic about what you yourself can achieve in a given amount of time.

Your goal must be coupled with the understanding that getting a tight tummy is a matter of …

losing body fat

(see truths 2 and 3). When you have the fat burning strategies in place, women will typically see a loss of 1-2 pounds of fat per week  – and no – – you cannot choose where and how fast this fat is lost. This is why consistency is essential to being successful – the longer you stick to it – the more significant the results.


2. Nourish Your Body

The second step in 3 tips for a tighter tummy is What you eat, how you eat and when you eat has the GREATEST impact on fat lost from your tummy.

Yes, you have to eat. It is common for busy moms to get stuck on the mindset that in order to weight less, you must eat less. Starving yourself only teaches your body to become efficient at storing fat. Skipping meals and following a very low calorie diet only slows your metabolism and makes it extremely difficult to lose any belly fat. Not what you want to do to get your summer ready abs.

Hard to escape this mindset when after going several hours with nothing in our belly, we try to justify that empty feeling with a thinner waist-line….that is until we have our next meal, and have a bit too much since we were starving….and the cycle begins again.

To lose fat and see a reduction in your belly, you need to eat a supportive meal every 3 to 4 hours. Eating often fuels your metabolism so you have more energy and burn more calories….plus eating with frequency helps curb your cravings and helps you manage stress/emotional eating.

Eating whole natural foods – cutting out the junk, fake, processed foods – nourishes your body adding to the boost in your metabolism and energy levels plus also crushes cravings and even turns back the hands of time, blessing you with the gift of a youthful radiance.

3. Move your Body Effectively

The third step in 3 tips for a tighter tummy is to know it is super easy to fall for and be mislead by the notion that hundreds of ab exercises or hours of cardio is the solution to lose the stubborn belly fat.

Truth is, there are no magic exercises that make the belly fat go away.

There are however moves you can do to help strengthen and tighten your deep core muscles. This is turn will help your belly to look flatter as you do continue to lose fat all over your body.

If you have been spending a LOT of time “doing abs” you can most likely flex your stomach muscles and poke with your finger to feel those firm abs you do have….underneath the layer of fat that still hides them.

Time to toss the hours spent on cardio and abs and trade them in for a more efficient and effective form of exercise.

source: getfitandyummy

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