7 Ways to Live an Interesting Life

1. Avoid home. Nothing interesting happens at home. Venture out and into the exciting world.

2. Show up. Sometimes going somewhere sounds like too much effort. All you have to do is get the courage to show up. You might end up enjoying yourself.

3. Go alone. Go to parties. Go to sporting events. Go to festivals. Plan things out. If your friends want to come, they can. If they don’t, you can make new friends while you’re there.

4. Take the initiative. Invite friends for gatherings. Host friends for dinner.

5. Go on an adventure. Take a road trip. Visit interesting, new places.

6. Find exciting people. Meet interesting people. Hang out with them. Do what they do.

7. Follow your passion. Do what you love. Learn about it. Talk to people about it. Join groups and meet other people who love it.

source: johnnylists

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