Sonia’s Illustrations

Sonia Matas graduated in fine arts in Murcia`s university and freelance since 2008, Sonia has worked for more than 200 foreigner clients on comic and illustration.
In 2015 her work has been displayed in Spain and Italy, with 12 exhibitions and events like VideoGamecomic in Alicante, “Muestra ILUSTRA” and Alicantardis.
She has also studied in order to master Artistic Formation, leading Illustration and Digital painting courses, between much other disciplines such as Watercolour.
Her personal work can be defined as a huge passion for colour and feminine sensuality. She is actually working on her Artbook with the same theme and one comic for project `SEVEN`, which will come out in 2016.

You can follow Sonia on Instagram | facebook | twitter | deviantart and on her webpage.

source: sonia-ms.com

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