Fantasy Alive by Vincent Bourilhon

With just four years of experience, Normandy-based student photographer Vincent Bourilhon creates surreal worlds that are incredibly enchanting. Viewers will find themselves swiftly escaping into many of his inventive stories where top hats rapidly multiply and hot air balloons emerge from the steam of a coffee cup.

Bourilhon juxtaposes real-life environments with detailed post-processing to produce these crazy realities. The artist’s vivid imagination results in these whimsical ideas that come to life in each photograph. He says, “I love fantasizing, I love inventing and creating. I think the real world is flat, not original and very negative. If art does not lead us to a different world in which we all live, it does not meet its mission. I am passionate about the dream and magic that surround our thoughts. If we can express ourselves, we should do that.”

Throughout his work, Parisian photographer Vincent Bourilhon creates cinematic narratives through his use of strategic positioning and image manipulation. Each photograph seems to tell an entire story, yet all of his images are seamlessly cohesive as a complete body of work. Drawing inspiration from dreams, poetry, and film, Bourilhon takes the viewer into him fantastical imagination where human emotions are visually emphasized and the line between reality and dreams is blurred.

See more photos on Vincent’s webpage.

source: mymodernmet | juxtapoz

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