Grumpy Cat Transforms into Disney Characters

There is something so mischievously fun about taking a beloved Disney character and shaking things up a bit! They’ve been deconstructed, enhanced, gender swapped, given new hair-dos and more.

How about re-imagining them as Grumpy Cat? Hmmmm … Now, that sounds like fun!

Eric Proctor is the artist who has made this transformation into Grumpy Cat happen. He creates lighthearted artwork often with humor and familiar characters. A digital painter with a background in traditional oil painting, he prefers painting fantasy and fun topics with saturated colors in a brushed painted style.

His Grumpy Disney Series started with “Part of Your No” as a practice drawing. He had a new tablet and needed to test drive it with a scene that provided a lot of various textures (water, rock, scales). The famous scene from “The Little Mermaid” where Ariel sings from the rock was perfect. Grumpy cat was a happy accident. He actually hates drawing human faces and since it was a practice drawing that he had planned to delete he just stuck Grumpy Cat’s face in instead. The result was hilarious and he had to finish the drawing. From there it’s been a slow progression to “enhance” each Disney film with Grumpy Cat.

Let the grumpy transformation begin!

Someday My No Will Come

Let it No

Tale As Old As No

When Will My No Begin

Bella No

A Whole New No

Part of Your No

He Mele NO Lilo

When You Wish Upon A No

Evil has a beginning…

Which Grumpy Disney art was your favorite?

Top Image via: Circle of No by Eric Proctor

source: studiovox

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