Let The Beauty Seduce You

“I can’t taste my lips, could you do it for me”

“Breakfast its the most important meal of the day. Somehow everything tastes better without pants. Enjoy your meal honey, then start up the stove and cook me some bacon!”

“I’ll let you play with mine if you’ll let me play with your’s”

“I don’t care if you have small boobs. I still want to see them.”

“A world without women would be a pain in the ass”

“Men are a lot like infants, if you want to shut them up, put your boobs in their mouth.”

“I wanna do bad things with you”

“I think I could fall madly in bed with you”

“In public, you are his princess. In private, you are his dirty little girl.”

“You’re in my inappropriate thoughts”

“Your clothes are making me uncomfortable please take them off”

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