Beauty Everywhere

I can imagine that a few girls out there would fall for the guy that Wentworth plays. An English born hottie, with tattoos and shaved head. But I would not have done that. Contrasts attract each other, but I haven’t been there when it comes to relationships. It is much dangerous out in the world, but I don’t need to date them, if you know what I mean. –  Sarah Wayne Callies

I figure that someday, I’ll be able to tell my grandchildren, ‘Granny used to be a hottie!”‘ – Jessica Biel

Hey, dime piece girl turned to Internet hottie. Little mama got that top model body – Flo Rida

We have all heard, beauty is skin deep. I think beauty reaches to the soul. Friends like you for you not for what you wear or what you drive. We all need to look for the beauty within. –  Mark Hook

Beauty is simply reality seen with the eyes of love. –  Rabindranath Tagore

You’ve got a smile that could light up this whole town. –  Unknown

Your outer beauty keeps distracting me and your inner beauty keeps attracting me. –  Terry Mark

We say imperfection is beauty but we still judge others cause of their imperfections. –  Unknown

Monica Bellucci

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