The Beautiful Hand-Painted Stones of Elspeth McLean

Elspeth McLean is a talented painter from Australia’s western suburbia. She is perhaps the most vibrant painter I have even seen, hence her degree and passion in Art Therapy. She has a strong belief that art has the power to bring immense joy into people lives and her vibrant creations accurately reflect that. Here’s was Elspeth has to say about her work :



“Painting is my way to find my “happy place” and colour is a way to express and celebrate the colours of my soul. By using bright and vivid colours and intricate dot work style, the artwork I create becomes a direct expression of my experience of life. I tend to focus on the more uplifting and beautiful aspects of this world because I think there is already enough darkness.”




I hope Elspeth’s beautiful intentions have carried onto your through these hand-painted stones. You can check out the rest of here work via her website!

source: ravenectar

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