Annelie Solis Amazing Artwork

Here are a few words about Annelie Solis and some of her amazing paintings…

I’m a twenty-seven-year-old artist/creator (but aren’t we all?) and staunch follow-your-heart advocate from Trinidad and Tobago.

I’ve lived here for my whole life so the beauty and diversity of these people and this land have always been conscious and subconscious influences in my work.

When I was younger I went to school and learnt what I’m supposed to do, how I’m supposed to paint, and what would most likely sell and then did that for a little while. I didn’t go to a university, I just worked on painting. I had a couple of small exhibitions in little cafés which culminated in me deciding to not paint the sure-sellers anymore because they didn’t really bring me any joy or fulfilment. I am grateful for the sure-seller-painting years because I spent a lot of time enhancing my skill and finding my style. During that time I also experimented with different mediums including illustration and art photography.

In mid 2011 I started “awakening” but if that sounds too new-agey never mind. Certain events had caused me to view things differently and this new perspective gave me an elevated understanding of my art, of myself, of life, of God, and of how each of those things is the other. It’s a knowing more than an understanding and who feels it knows it.

I began painting things that felt beautiful and holy to me: humans adorned as queens and kings, goddesses and gods; personifications of divinity and nature; cultures from all over the world; movement and dance; indigenous tribes and their wisdom; the stars. I began exploring symbolism as a vehicle to connect with the subconscious.

A heightened awareness of Spirit brought new purpose to my artwork. I found that it doesn’t matter about painting the sure-sellers. The act of creating is a reward unto itself. My paintings became contemplations of personal and universal themes, the infinite beauty of creation/nature/life being a wellspring of inspiration.

In 2013 I had a solo art exhibition at The Night Gallery in Woodbrook, Trinidad. I was able to share the work that I had been making, or that had come through me, over the previous couple years and the response was overwhelmingly positive. For me it was confirmation of the validity (and absolute necessity) of expressing your truth (following your heart, living your dream, pursuing your passion etc. etc.) in this life.

I used the earnings from that exhibition to take a boat over to Venezuela and float around South America for almost a year… learning, connecting, growing, and creating. I’m back home now but that journey is still in progress.

My artwork comes through joyous love and gratitude for creation itself, and the intention, my mission, is to enliven the human spirit and inspire a celebration of life which is beauty and divinity.

You also can see more of her art on her website.

source: anneliesolis

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